Emelda Curry

Associate Professor of Instruction, Graduate Program Coordinator
ISS Undergraduate Program Director - Tampa Campus


Office: CPR 229
Phone: (813) 974-1491


Dr. Emelda Curry is an Associate Professor of Instruction, the Graduate Program Coordinator, and ISS Program Director (Tampa campus) in the Department of Sociology. Prior to joining the department, she practiced both micro- and macro-level social work in the non-profit and education sectors.  Her work focused on providing services to diverse health populations, building community partnerships, and engaging with federal, state, and local governments. Dr. Curry continues to hold a license in clinical social work (LCSW) in the state of Florida. Since joining the department, she has provided administrative leadership, organization, and support for the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in sociology. She enjoys providing students community-engaged learning opportunities and is interested in research on race and family relationships, mental health, and military culture.


Ph.D., University of South Florida, 2013