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Welcome to the Department of Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Our outstanding faculty and academic programs provide high quality education, professional development, and research opportunities to our students, as well as innovative and influential research -- both basic and applied -- to share with USF, various local and national constituencies, and the broader academic community. 

Our department has four academic degree programs:

1) B.A. in Sociology;
2) B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ISS), which is available on all three USF campuses; 
3) M.A. in Sociology; and
4) Ph.D. in Sociology.

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Through these programs, we prepare students to succeed in an increasingly diverse world that demands skills in communication, leadership, problem solving, critical and analytical reasoning, methodological thinking, statistical analysis, and multicultural and global understanding. These skill sets align exceedingly well with the skills that 21st century employers value and seek.

The department's signature strengths are in social inequalities, identities and communities, social problems and social movements, immigration and migration, race and ethnicity, social networks and wellbeing, environment and climate change, and religion and global issues. Please continue reading to learn about what makes us unique and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.