Heidi Schuler




I am a strategic academic consultant, higher educational instructor, and learning experience manager with a passion for enhancing student access, inclusion, equity, and accessibility within higher education. Currently, I work as a strategic consultant and manager of learning experience design where I focus on helping institutions digitally transform their learning environments to enhance online learning and provide the support necessary for students to succeed. I work directly with institutions on strategic institutional planning to implement online programs, evaluate programs and courses for quality and compliance, design and build engaging online programs, and use data-driven processes to optimize student support. I also ensure compliance, state/federal regulations, and ADA regulations are built into the foundation of institutional process and online learning. I manage a team of learning experience designers to build and scale online options with a strong focus on faculty development. My team provides training and education for faculty to optimize their ability to teach online and confidently assist students in an online environment. Furthermore, I participate in thought leadership to bring awareness to changing landscape of higher education. 

I also have had the privilege of serving as an instructor in higher education undergraduate courses since 2012. I teach specialized upper-level classes and large general education courses to a diverse range of students and majors. As an instructor, I have been asked advise departments and programs about online learning and equitable teaching practices as well as administer faculty development and training on how to best design, teach, and facilitate online learning. I make it a priority to continue to teach each semester to ensure that I stay connected to the individual needs and experiences of students as a way to learn how to best support them with the changes occurring in higher education. 
I am a life-time learner, and as such, have received my doctoral degree in sociology with a specialization in social inequities specifically in the areas of family, gender, and education as well as two MA degrees; one in education with a focus on e-learning design and development and the other in social science with a focus on inequities. I have spent my entire career working to advance higher education, starting out in an administrative role assisting students with financial aid, university admissions, and student accounts. My diverse experience gives me a unique perspective and enables me to work collaboratively with faculty, students, and staff to build a better future in academia. 


Ph.D., University of South Florida, 2015