Careers and Skills



Lawyer, Career Counselor, Health Educator, Community Organizer, Victim Advocate, Case Manager, Non-Profit Director, Librarian, Deaconess, Family Services Director, Video Game Writer, Diversity Trainer, Journalist, Artist, Legal Advocate Advisor, International Aid Worker, Campaign Organizer, Grant Writer, Teacher... These are just a few of the career possibilities available with a degree in WGS.

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Communication skills
Ability to formulate and defend positions
Ability to write detailed research papers and summarize concepts and ideas
Use vocabulary to suit a wide variety of audiences
Read and understand both primary and secondary sources
Explain concepts and strategies well enough in research papers to influence and persuade the reader

Research skills
Evaluate ideas and research
Gather information and data
Literature reviews using libraries and internet
Interpret research and data
Critical thinking/problem solving

Critical thinking skills
Ability to analyze and synthesize
Ability to recognize assumptions and make inferences
Ability to create research designs

Interpersonal skills
Tolerance of different people and their views
Ability to understand difference and discover the intersections between racism, homophobia, sexism, classicism, and other forms of oppression
Knowledge about power relationships and injustice
Ability to accept intellectual and personal challenges, take a stand and support it with evidence
Ability to assess needs

Writing/editing skills
Reading and thinking critically; using unfamiliar materials and generating new ideas
Reading and analyzing a text
Perform a close reading of the text and provide an analysis of the passage
Able to argue or defend a position
Correct usage of grammar
Able to write clearly