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WGS Alumni Group

A message from WGS alumni


“Have you graduated from WGSS at USF and miss being a part of a feminist community? Then get involved with the new WGSS Alumni Group!

Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies alumni have formed the USF WGSS Alumni Group (UWAG), which will give former WGSS students a way to stay involved in a feminist community that upholds WGSS’s values and goals of social justice and change. The WGS Alumni Group also allows former WGSS students to continue giving back to our local community and maintain strong connections with fellow like-minded USF Bulls. 

Our Alumni Group is based on the interests and goals of us – the WGSS alumni. We will be hosting at least four events a year, either in-person or virtual, and any proceeds from our events will go towards creating a scholarship fund for WGS! What kinds of events or initiatives would you like to see from the WGSS Alumni Group?

If you are interested in learning more, sharing ideas, attending events, or volunteering to be part of the UWAG leadership team, please email us.”

Alumni Group Leadership

Chair: Katie Maloney
Vice-Chair: Vacant
Communications/Student Outreach Coordinator: Vacant
Events/Community Service Coordinator: Jesus Gogo

Upcoming & ongoing WGSS Alumni Group Sponsored Events

  • UWAG Virtual Meetings and Events: twice a month on Thursdays at 6:15pm over Google Meet; email us for an invite.
  • For up to date announcements about UWAG events, follow UWAG on Instagram.