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Spring 2020

Fyn Asay

The department's annual Talk & Toast event, which showcases the work of graduating WGS graduate students, was held virtually this past spring (due to COVID-19) on April 24, 2020. MA students Fyn Asay, Breanna Carter, and Jonathan Rosenstadt presented their work during the event.

Fyn Asay: "The research I am presenting at Talk and Toast, entitled, Theorizing Transfat Embodiment, is focused on exploring the intersection of the transgender and fat identity (transfat) through the examination of two key texts I have identified, Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars and Pat from the Saturday Night Live skits, “It’s Pat” from the 1990’s. Through an examination of these texts I explore how the erasure and marginalization of a transfat embodiment is tied to transnormativity, racism and fatphobia."

Jonathan Rosenstadt

Jonathan Rosenstadt: "For Talk and Toast, I am presenting my portfolio Legally (In)Human: Selected Works on State Sanctioned Identities and Representations of Sex and Gender. These pieces explore the ways in which the state perpetuates homo/transphobia by excusing multiple forms of violence against some LGBTQIA(+) people while, critically, also denying them access to legal categories of human. I also present possibilities for inclusion, beyond the state’s current binaristic hegemony, that calls for the systematic restructuring of existing legal organizations and classifications."