Past Graduate Theses

WGSS theses can be viewed in their entirety at USF's Scholar Commons.


Elizabeth Gaines
Going Flat: Challenging Gender, Stigma, and Cure through Lesbian Breast Cancer Experience 

Sabeehah Ravat
Incorrect Athlete, Incorrect Woman: IOC Gender Regulations and the Boundaries of Womanhood in Professional Sports

Alisha Romano
Transnational Perspectives on the #MeToo and Anti-Base Movements in Japan


Zoe Knowles
Criminalizing LGBTQ+ Jamaicans: Social, Legal, and Colonial Influences on Homophobic Policy
Available through ProQuest

Lauren Wright
Dismantling Hegemony through Inclusive Sexual Health Education 


Fyn Asay
Transfat Representation
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Sunahtah Jones
Ain't I a Woman, Too? Depictions of Toxic Femininity, Transmisogynoir, and Violence on STAR 

Cera Shain
“The Most Muscular Woman I Have Ever Seen”: Bev Francis Performance of Gender in Pumping Iron II: The Women

Leah Turner
"Roll" Models: Fat Sexuality and Its Representations in Pornographic Imagery 


Jamie Lane
Reproducing Intersex Trouble: An Analysis of the M.C. Case in the Media 

Joshlyn Lawhorn
Race and Gender in (Re)integration of Victim-Survivors of CSEC in a Community Advocacy Context 

Abby Schneller
Penalizing Pregnancy: A Feminist Legal Studies Analysis of Purvi Patel’s Criminalization 

Megan Wiedeman
A Queer and Crip Grotesque: Katherine Dunn's Geek Love


Asli Aygünes
"Mothers like us think differently": Mothers' Negotiations of Virginity in Contemporary Turkey 

Mary McKelvie
Surveilling Hate/Obscuring Racism?: Hate Group Surveillance and the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate Map" 

Jessica Pinto
Resistance from Within: Domestic violence and rape crisis centers that serve Black/African American populations 

Viki Peer
"Ya I have a disability, but it's only one part of me": Formative experiences of young women with physical disabilities

Shannon Suddeth
(Dis)Enchanted: (Re)constructing Love and Creating Community in the Once Upon a Time Queer Fandom 


Sandra Carpenter
"The Afro that Ate Kentucky:" Appalachian Racial Formation, Lived Experience, and Intersectional Feminist Interventions 

Richard Henry
"Even Five Years Ago this Would Have Been Impossible": Health Care Providers' Perspectives on Trans* Health Care 

Kaeleen Kosmo
Tough Guy, Sensitive Vas: Analyzing Masculinity, Male Contraceptives & the Sexual Division of Labor 


Mary Dickman
Let’s Move! Biocitizens and the Fat Kids on the Block 

Rakshinda Shah
Interpretations of Educational Experiences of Women in Chitral, Pakistan 


Aubrey Hall
Incredi-bull-ly Inclusive?: Assessing the Climate on a College Campus 

Kasie Holmes
Her-Storicizing Baldness: Situating Women’s Experiences of Baldness from Skin and Hair Conditions 

Robyn Homer
In the (Radical) Pursuit of Self-Care: Feminist Participatory Action Research with Victim Advocates 


Morgan Eubank
A Global Feminist Analysis of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Privileging of Americo-Liberian Indigenous Liberian Women’s Voices 

Heidi Tilney Kramer
Monsters Under the Bed: An Analysis of Torture Scenes in Three Pixar Films 


Jessica Collard
Can You Believe She Did THAT?!: Breaking the codes of “Good” Mothering in 1970s Horror Films 

Jennifer Ellerman-Queen
Don't Blame It on My Ovaries: Exploring the Lived Experience of Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the Creation of Discourse 

Zoe DuPree Fine
Valanced Voices: Student Experiences with Learning Disabilities & Differences 

Elaine Taylor
An Interactive Guide to Self-Discovery for Women 

Mary Catherine Whitlock
Selling the Third Wave: The Commodification and Consumption of the Flat Track Roller Girl 


Heather Curry
Beyond Survival: An Exploration of Narrative Healing and Forgiveness in Healing from Rape 


Jennifer Earles
Gender Trouble In Northern Ireland: An Examination Of Gender And Bodies Within The 1970s And 1980s Provisional Irish Republican Army In Northern Ireland 

Amanda LeBlanc
"You're going to Hollywood"!: Gender and race surveillance and accountability in American Idol contestant's performances

Tunisia Riley
From the Academy to the Streets: Documenting the Healing Power of Black Feminist Creative Expression

Stacy Tessier
Developing Feminist Activist Pedagogy: A Case Study Approach in the Women's Studies Department at the University of South Florida 

Cyrana Wyker
Women in Wargasm: The Politics of Womenís Liberation in the Weather Underground Organization 


Melissa Albee
Opportunities for Spiritual Awakening & Growth in Mothering 

Leisa Clark
I am Warrior Woman, Hear Me Roar: The Challenge and Reproduction of Heteronormativity in Speculative Television Programs 

Jo Aine Clark
A Constant Struggle: Renegotiating Identity in the Aftermath of Rape 


Jen Clement
Reforming Dance Pedagogy: A Feminist Perspective on the Art of Performance and Dance Education 

Rebecca Willman
The Conundrum of Women’s Studies as Institutional: New Niches, Undergraduate Concerns, and the Move Towards Contemporary Feminist Theory and Action 

Clare Walsh
Narratives of Lesbian Transformation: Coming Out Stories of Women Who Transition from Heterosexual Marriage to Lesbian Identity 


Erica Hesch Anstey
A Feminist Perspective on the Precautionary Principle of Endocrine Disruption under Neoliberal Globalization Policies 

Michael Gipson
Asymptotes & Metaphors: Teaching Feminist Theory 

Oksana Lutsyshyna
Postcolonial Herstory: The Novels of Assia Djebar (Algeria) and Oksana Zabuzhko (Ukraine): A Comparative Analysis


Allison Brimmer
Loving loving? problematizing pedagogies of care and chela sandoval's love as a hermeneutic

Lindsey Blake Churchill
Exploring women's complex relationship with political violence: A study of the weathermen, radical feminism and the new left 

Justine Kessler
The Voices of Sex Workers (prostitutes?) and the Dilemma of Feminist Discourse

Cara Okopny
Reconstructing Women's Identities: The Phenomenon Of Cosmetic Surgery In The United States

Tracie Anne Welser
Fantastic Visions: On the Necessity of Feminist Utopian Narrative


Elizabeth Dedrick
The Politics of Being an Egg “Donor” and Shifting Notions of Reproductive Freedom

Mindy Stokes
Women, Domestic Abuse, And Dreams: Analyzing Dreams To Uncover Hidden Traumas And Unacknowledged Strengths 


Suzie Siegel
Safe at Home: Agoraphobia and the Discourse on Women’s Place


Evaline Tiondi
Women, Environment and Development: Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America