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Certificate Overview

The Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate provides an opportunity for graduate students and other professionals to gain a more inclusive knowledge of women and gender issues in society, including feminist studies. Feminist scholarship enhances any educational and professional background, including areas of social or health services that serve women, as well as any national/international based profession in today’s diverse society. Students will investigate theories pertaining to the roles of gender, race, class and sexuality within various cultural systems.

We think of the Certificate in Women’s & Gender Studies as an opportunity for students to study contemporary issues related to gender, race, sexuality, disability, intersectionality, transnationalism, postcolonialism, and social justice. Students will also learn how to employ feminist research methods to explore their research interests. Requiring only four courses, including three electives that can fit into a student’s degree program, the WGS Graduate Certificate is flexible and designed to support students’ academic and professional goals.

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Application Process

Information about application requirements, program specifics, and application process, can be found in the USF Graduate Catalog. To apply, visit the Graduate Certificate Office


Michelle Hughes Miller, Graduate Program Director
Phone: 813-974-4913

Jennifer Ellerman-Queen, Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: 813-974-5520