Queer and Sexuality Studies Minor

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The minor in Queer and Sexuality Studies trains students in the critical analysis of sexuality. It examines the rich history and cultural contributions of LGBTQIA people as well as the processes of normalization and pathologization that have structured sexual relations in different contexts. The aim of the minor is to prepare students to enter post-graduate study in queer studies and/or to enter the workforce well-trained in cultural sensitivity to the needs and issues of LGBTQIA populations. 

Minor in Queer and Sexuality Studies Requirements

Requirments for the minor in Queer and Sexuality Studies can be found in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.

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The Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Internship Program offers WGS majors and minors a supervised learning experience in a community setting.

For more information, read about WGS internships, or contact the undergraduate internship director, Dr. Milton Wendland.

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