Women's & Gender Studies Minor

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The minor in Women's and Gender Studies offers students from other majors the opportunity to learn more about feminist analysis, research, and activism. The minor is flexible enough to allow students to tailor it to their interests so that it can complement or augment their major. The minor offers a professional credential for students who seek to address gender issues in the workplace or who want to pursue feminist studies at the graduate level.

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies Requirements

Requirements for the minor in Women's and Gender Studies can be found in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.

Declare a Minor

Click here to declare a minor in Women's and Gender Studies.

WGS Courses

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The Department of Women’s & Gender Studies Undergraduate Internship Program offers WGS majors and minors a supervised learning experience in a community setting.

For more information, read about WGS internships, or contact the undergraduate internship director, Dr. Milton Wendland.

Speak with an academic advisor

Please speak with the WGS academic advisor, Brandon Kroll, if you need more information about the major, minor, or any WGS courses. His office is located on the second floor of Cooper Hall (CPR) in room 239. Email Brandon, or you can make an appointment through the online E-scheduler system!