Undergraduate Program

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Dr. Tangela Serls

Dr. Tangela Serls



On behalf of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, I’d like to welcome you to the undergraduate section of our website. Students often describe our department as a family, and I think that description is apt. As Undergraduate Director, it is my pleasure to share some information about our undergraduate program with you:

  • Our faculty members are committed to teaching the next generation of WGS scholars, activists, and practitioners to be leaders and change-makers in their chosen fields. Many of our courses are certified for the New Enhanced Gen Ed requirements.
  • Our courses span a range of topics including LGBTQ cultures, Literature by Women of Color, Queer Comics, Black feminisms, Politics of Women’s Health, Queer theory, Women and Social Justice and many more!
  • Our coursework teaches students how to advocate for themselves and for those who are most marginalized and most vulnerable in society. We equip students with feminist analytical and methodological tools and empower them to begin to “dismantle the masters’ house.”

Ultimately, our department teaches you concepts that will help you become a better human being. Whether it’s a WGS major or a second major, or one of our two minors (Women’s and Gender Studies and Queer and Sexuality Studies), we invite you to become a member of our community. 

And feel free to reach out to me by email if you have any questions about our undergraduate program.

-Dr. Tangela L. Serls, Instructor I and Undergraduate Director, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies