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Dr. Applequist Interviewed by The New York Times

Featured image showing anxiety resulting from advertisements
In September 2020, Associate Professor Janelle Applequist was interviewed by The New York Times for a story about the increase in health-related advertisements since the COVID-19 pandemic. She commented as to how pharmaceutical advertisements, in particular, often promise much more than they are capable of delivering for consumers. 

“What’s scary about right now is that we’ve been cooped up for so long, and the day-to-day has become so difficult, that it’s very tempting to see an ad for a drug and think that it might bring release,” she said. “We’re talking about people feeling serious financial pressure, social anxiety, loneliness.” She added, “This is almost a recipe for disaster.”

Dr. Applequist is the author of Broadcast Pharmaceutical Advertising in the United States: Primetime Pill Pushers, which was published in 2016.

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