IBL Advisory Committee

Dr. Deirdre Cobb-Roberts

Professor in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies, Coordinator of the Social Foundations in Education Program

Dr. Barbara Cruz

Professor of Social Science Education

Dr. Denise Davis-Cotton

Director of the Florida Center for PAInT

Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman

Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Racial Justice Initiative 

Dr. Antoinette Jackson

Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology 

Ruby Joseph, MPA

Assistant-In-Research in the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, Department of Child and Family Studies

Dr. Elizabeth Metzger 

Associate Professor, Department of English

Dr. Ambe Njoh

Professor of Environmental Science & Policy

Dr. Beatriz Padilla

Director of the Institute of Latin American and the Caribbean Studies, and Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. David Ponton

Assistant Professor & SIGS Undergraduate Director

Dr. Diane Price-Herndl

Department Chair, Professor of Women's & Gender Studies, Professor of English

Dr. Gevie Robinson

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of English

Dr. Cheryl Rodriquez

Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies

Dr. Ruthmae Sears

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education 

Dr. Maya Trotz

Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Roxanne Watson

Associate Professor, School of Advertising & Mass Communications

Christian Wells

Professor and Director: Center for Brownfields Research & Redevelopment