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Our Institute (IFAAS) is dedicated to helping resolve violent crimes through technical assistance in anthropology, scientific research, education, and forensic art.   

We strive to find truth and justice in the wake of life’s greatest tragedy. We believe that working judicial systems are the foundation of peace and democracy. Families have a right to know what happened to their loved ones, to have their remains returned to them and to access the justice system. Dignity is restored and justice achieved when all people have access to these systems of justice and science can be the catalyst for access, transparency, and truth.  
Through forensic anthropology, we help locate and identify missing and unidentified persons.  

Our work covers a wide range of current and historic justice initiatives. The majority of our projects since 2008 has sought to resolve open cold cases, while highlighting the obstacles and challenges marginalized communities face in accessing the justice process. It often takes creative and innovative solutions to overcome the structural obstacles inhibiting this process.