Pennsylvania Missing and Unidentified Persons Program

Program overview

Throughout Pennsylvania, thousands of unresolved homicides, dating 
back to the 1960s, represent families and victims who have been denied 
justice. Among the most difficult of these to solve are the 500+ 
individuals who are victims of homicide or died alone, resulting in 
unknown identities, and the hundreds of missing persons presumed 
dead. Hundreds of unknown victims represent long-term missing person 
cases, but so many of them are not currently in the system. 

A new statewide program for Pennsylvania is now available – at no cost 
to law enforcement, coroners & medical examiners. Through this 
program, critical resources and technical assistance are available to 
bring long term cases up to current standards. Funding is provided 
through the Bureau of Justice Administration, MUHR program. 

Our goal is to bring the missing home.



Technical Assistance is Available

Technical assistance for cases

Contact USF Personnel

Please contact Erin Kimmerle or Kelsee Hentschel-Fey for assistance in submitting a case.