USF FORT & Research Skeletal Collections

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The Florida Body Farm:  Facility for Outdoor Research & Training (USF-FORT) 

Outdoor Forensic Field & Human Cadavers for Surface & Buried Body, Remote Sensing, Environmental Variation, Decomposition, Ecology, Soils, Pollen, & Biomedical Research 


USF Skeletal Collection Research Opportunities 

USF Donated Skeletal Collection (n=135+) 

Human remains include the following tissues available for Research: 
  • Known Biohistory 
  • Skeletal and dental remains 
  • Hair, Fingerprints, Blood Samples 
  • Extensive Living Donor Biohistory 
  • Radiography, 3D-Scanning & Modeling 

Balkan Collection (n=400+) 

  • Known Biohistory 
  • Casts & Photographs of Pubic Symphyses & Sternal Rib Ends 

Contact Natalie Wise, USF Human Donation Program & Collections  
Please note that our collections are ethically sourced, with IRB approval & family consent granted. Signed consent is granted for research and teaching purposes.