Personnel and Faculty


Name Role Phone
Erin Kimmerle, Ph.D. Executive Director, Forensic Anthropologist & Artist  813.974.5139
Natalie Wise Body Donation Program Coordinator & Collections Manager 813.974.4219
Liotta Noche-Dowdy  Forensic Anthropology Supervisor  813.974.4219
Tuesday Frasier Forensic Anthropology Team Lead  813.974.4219
Kelsee Hentschel-Fey PA-MUHR Coordinator 813.974.4219
Daisy Matos College of Arts & Sciences- Sr. Dept. Operations Manager  

Numerous positions for IFAAS Affiliated Faculty, Forensic Anthropologists, Volunteers, Interns, Post-Doc Fellows 

IFAAS Affiliated Faculty 

Name Role Phone
Sergio Soto Forensic Artist  
E. Christian Wells, Ph.D. Archaeology  
Lori Collins, Ph. D. Archaeology & Visualization  
Travis Doering, Ph. D. Archaeology & Visualization  
Greg Berg, Ph. D. Forensic Anthropologist & Archaeologist  
Jose Pablo Baraybar, Ph.D. Forensic Anthropologist & Archaeologist  
Ben Montgomery Writer & Researcher  
Anthony Menicucci, Ph. D. Geochemistry  
Sarah Kruse, Ph. D. Geophysics  

IFAAS Assistant Forensic Anthropologists 

Name Role Phone
Liotta Noche-Dowdy, Ph.D. Candidate Forensic Anthropology Supervisor   813.974.4219
Kelsee Hentschel-Fey, M.A. PA-MUHR Coordinator 813.974.4219
Tuesday Frasier, M.S. Forensic Anthropology Team Lead 813.974.4219

IFAAS Forensic Anthropology Technicians 

Name Role Phone
Amanda Schultz, B.A.    
Chris Turner, M.A.    
Lauren Nichols, B.A.     
Lyndsey Hornagold, M.S.     

Natalie Wise, B.A.

Body Donation Program Coordinator & Collections Manager