Technical Services

Forensic Anthropology Services Available

We accept cases from medical examiners & law enforcement around the country – submit a case or request assistance today.  

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Skeletal Analysis 

  • Biometrics: Age, Sex, Ancestry, Trauma Analysis 
  • Trauma Analysis 
  • Dental Charting & Identification 

Chemical Isotope & Elemental Testing 

  • Hair, Bones & Teeth test for stable & radiogenic isotopes 
  • Isotopes may link people to broad geographic areas at different periods of time in their lives. 

Crime Scene, Clandestine Burials, Exhumations & Historic Cemeteries 

  • Search for Clandestine Graves, Search Strategies & Remote Sensing (e.g., GPR, GIS, drones, etc.)
  • Grave Exhumation & Crime Scene Assistance 

Forensic Art 

  • Facial & Clothing Reconstructions from the Skull or Autopsy Photos  

Cold Case Review 

  • Case File Review