Research Projects

From Fragile to forever: Virtualization of trauma and pathology

By Aiden Eylward and Dr. Erin Kimmerle




Hillsborough County Cemetery Project 

  • Identify & locate historic cemeteries, endangered due to predatory land practices under Jim Crow Segregation.  


  • Research into AI for facial recognition to assist with international missing person investigations.  

Human Decomposition in Florida 

  • Multi-disciplinary research into Florida’s unique climate, environment & soils – effects on rates of decomposition & outdoor crime scenes 

Geochemical Referencing for Human Identification 

  • Chemical isotope testing for tracking birth origin & mobility

Human Identification & Variation for African & Diaspora Populations 

  • Population Standards for Identification in Nigeria & other African Populations 

Research in Inflicted Trauma Patterns 

  • Trauma research for injuries resulting from homicide, warfare, & human rights abuse