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Templates for biographical sketches, budgets, and other common NIH and NSF components are found below. Some templates use examples and detailed instructions for proper completion of the form. Some links offer a blank template for completion by the PI. The NIH templates are modeled on the SF-424 forms for electronic submission, and do not use the form pages required for PHS 398 paper submissions. If your application uses the PHS 398 forms, please use the templates provided by NIH.

Note: These checklists and templates are offered as a guide for electronic submissions. Because NIH and NSF regulations often change, always check the specific RFP/FOA and the agency guidelines for any unique rules or changes in format.

If you have questions about these templates/tools or how to use them, please contact your Unit Research Administrator (URA)

Templates & Tools *
NSF Resources NIH Resources
NSF Project Summary Template (DOC) NIH SF424 (R&R) Annotated Form E Series
NSF Project Description Template (DOC) NIH SF424 Biographical Sketch Sample/Template 
NSF Biosketch NIH SF424 Personnel Justification (DOC)

NSF Budget Template (XLS)

NSF Budget Justification (DOC)

NIH SF424 Resources Form (DOC)
NSF Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan (DOC) NIH Facilities and Other Resources Guidance (DOC)
NSF Current and Pending Support NIH Other Support Instructions
NSF Collaborators and Other Affiliations and Template NIH Other Support Sample (DOC)
NSF Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources (DOC) NIH Multiple PI Leadership Plan (PDF)
Results from Prior NSF Support (DOC) NIH Responsible Conduct of Research (DOC)
NSF Data Management Plan NIH How-To Develop Your Budget
NSF CAREER Letters of Collaboration (DOC) NIH Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period (DOC)
  NIH Budget for Entire Proposed Project Period (DOC)
  NIH How-To Develop Your Modular Budget
  NIH Modular Budget Sample (PDF)
  NIH Budget Justification (DOC)