Research and Scholarship FAQs

When are project funds released to begin expenditures?

The following steps are required prior to the release of project funds to begin expenditures: 

  1. The completed Grant Budget Release (GBR) form releases project funds to begin expenditures. 
  2. Your assigned Unit Research Administrator (URA) can help the PI with the completion of the GBR form, the Cost Accounting Standard Exception form, and the FAST Workflow Form and coordinate the submission of these forms to USF Sponsored Research. 
  3. Once the GBR form is completed, the PI is expected to review the GBR in accordance with the approved budget, sign the form, and submit it to the assigned URA. who sends the form on to the assigned Sponsored Research Administrator (SRA). 
  4. A Cost Accounting Standard (CAS) Exception Form should be submitted with the GBR form if the award required the use of Cost Account Standard expense items (i.e., shipping, administrative/clerical salaries, general purpose equipment or items). 
  5. Once all the required forms are submitted to Sponsored Research, and award number is created. This award number is necessary to start using the project funds.
  6. After the award is established, a FAST Workflow Form is required to complete the award setup. This form will initiate the purchasing and transaction routing that allows expenses to be assigned to the awarded project.