Research Facilities

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance



The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core Facility houses a range of nuclear magnetic resonance instrumentation, including one of Florida's highest field strength NMRs (800 MHz). Expertise and facilities are available for academic, government, and commercial studies in structural, metabolomics, and materials research. We specialize in measuring the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei, which make up the molecules that can become future pharmaceutical drugs.

Major Equipment and Instrumentation

  • drx250 spectrometer
  • unityInova 400 spectrometer
  • unityInova 500 spectrometer
  • unityInova 600 spectrometer
  • direct drive (VNMRS) 500 spectrometer
  • direct drive (VNMRS) 600 spectrometer
  • direct drive (VNMRS) 800 spectrometer

Location and Contact Information

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core Facility
Department of Chemistry
4202 E. Fowler Ave, BSF 304
Tampa, FL 33620
E: Dr. Peidong Zhao
W: NMR Core Facility