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Chemical Purification, Analysis, & Screening



The Chemical Purification, Analysis, and Screening Core Facility offers expertise in chromatographic separation and purification (MPLC, HPLC, UHPLC); and mass spectrometry detection, identification, and quantification (LC-MS SQ, LC-MS QqQ, LC-MS ToF, LC-MS QToF, GC-MSD, GC-MS QToF). Services include circular dichroism, general spectroscopic characterization (UV, FTIR), lyophilization (benchtop and general purpose freeze-dryer), synthesis (microwave reactor), ADME screening (PAMPA and drug solubility), and high-throughput screening development capability (liquid handling robot and multimode plate reader). This facility provides research lab training and assistance to users so they can operate any instruments necessary to successfully accomplishing their research goals.

Major Equipment and Instrumentation

  • Agilent LC-MS QToF (6540 & 6460)  & 7890 GC / 7200 MS QToF
  • Agilent LC-MS SQ G1956A & GC-MS SQ 5977B
  • Agilent preparative 1200 LC / 6120B MS SQ
  • Dionex Ultimate 3000 UHPLC DAD
  • AVIV Model 215 Circular Dichroism, Agilent FTIR 630, & Cary 60 UV/Vis spectrophotometers
  • Teledyne-Isco MPLC (UV) and Shimadzu HPLC (UV, ELSD, RID) systems
  • TECAN Freedom EVO 150 liquid handling automated workstation & Infinite / M-1000 multimode plate reader
  • Heidolph control valve rotary evaporators, Savant SC210A speedvacuum concentrators
  • Labconco 4.5 Liters freeze dryer and SP Scientific general purpose 35 Liters freeze dryer
  • Anton-Paar monowave reactor 300 for assisted microwave synthesis


Chemical Purification, Analysis, and Screening Core Facility
Department of Chemistry
4202 E. Fowler Ave, NES 406
Tampa, FL 33620
E: Dr. Laurent Calcul
W: CPAS Core Facility