Current Students


How to Make the Most of Advising

Advisors are here to support you in multiple ways throughout your time at USF and do this in part by reaching out to you directly. However, in order to make the most of this support, it's important that you take the initiative to engage with your major advisor regularly.

Meeting with Advisors

While you are not required to meet with your advisor as long as you remain in good standing, you will be more likely to succeed if you take the time to engage meaningfully with them. We recommend meeting with your major advisor at least once a year. These meetings will provide opportunities to explore your goals, access university resources, and ensure progression towards graduation.

Setting and Sharing Goals

Goals help you to focus your energies, which helps you to be successful in all aspects of your life. You can set goals for your grades, your career interest, what type of lifestyle you wish to have, and more. While your advisor can help you set these goals, if you take the time to begin this process, you are more likely to be invested in the outcome and therefore more likely to succeed. Once you have set your initial goals, your advisor can help you build a plan to achieve them.

Communicating with Advisors

Navigating your degree can be a complex process. You don't have to do this alone. Advisors are here to help. However, advisors won't always know what you need unless you tell them. You should get in the habit of communicating with your advisor both in appointments and via email when things are going well and when they are not. Advisors will celebrate with you when you succeed and provide guidance when you encounter challenges.

Taking Charge of Your Education

While you will always have the support of your advisor, it is important for you to take responsibility for your education. This means being mindful of your current experience, engaging actively in your coursework, learning your degree requirements, choosing classes, and setting goals for the future.