Current Students

Adding a Minor

Pursuing an academic minor provides you with the opportunity to focus your free electives, general education and upper-level requirement courses. Some academic minors are complementary to their major. For some students, an academic minor is a way to explore a different area of interest which is not covered in their academic major. For most, it is a means to build specific career related preparation which adds to and/or diversifies their portfolio.

You can declare a minor in any semester prior to the one you graduate in as long as you are eligible for the specific minor and doing so will not exceed USF's Degree Progression Policy. You should consult with your major advisor to determine how a minor can complement your current coursework and whether you have space to add it.

For a list of CAS minors, which includes requirements, an estimate of the time required to complete the coursework, and related career competencies, please visit our Undergraduate Minors page.

For a list of all minors USF offers, please visit the current catalog.