Graduate Advising

Graduate Directors

Dr. Tara Deubel
Department Office, (813) 974-2138, SOC115 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. SOC107

Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology
Dr. Brant Burkhardt
Non-Thesis Option:  Dr. Diane TeStrake
Cancer Biology:  Dr. Kenneth Wright
Cancer Chemical Biology:  Dr. Kenneth Wright
Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy:  Dr. Kenneth Wright
Integrative Mathematical Oncology:  Dr. Kenneth Wright
Department Office, (813) 974-8434, ISA2015 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. ISA2015

Dr. H. Lee Woodcock
Dr. Christina Nelson
Department Office, (813) 974-2144, CHE205 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CHE205

Dr. Keith Berry
Department Office, (813) 974-2145, CIS3058 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CIS1040

Ph.D. students - Dr. Murat Munkin
MA students - Dr. Michael Loewy
Department Office, (813) 974-4252, CMC206 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CMC342

Ph.D. students – Dr. John Lennon
MA students – Dr. Jessica Cook
Department Office, (813) 974-2421, CPR 358 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CPR107

Dr. Darcie Fontaine
Department Office, (813) 974-2807, SOC260 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. SOC107

Humanities & Cultural Studies
Concentration in Africana Studies:  Dr. Steven Roach
Concentrations in American Studies, Film Studies, and Humanities:
Dr. Scott Ferguson
Concentration in Florida Studies (St. Petersburg campus):
Dr. Christopher Meindl
Concentration in Social and Political Thought:
Dr. Stephen Turner
Department Office, (813) 974-9380, CPR361 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CPR107

Integrative Biology
Dr. Stephen Deban
Conservation Biology (St. Petersburg campus):  Dr. Melanie Riedinger-Whitmore
Department Office, (813) 974-4747, SCA112 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. SCA110

Journalism and Digital Communication (St. Petersburg campus)
Dr. Monica Ancu
Department Office, (727) 873-4850, PRW 204

Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics: Dr. Brian Curtin
Statistics: Dr. Gangaram Ladde
Department Office, (813) 974-2643, CMC342 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CMC342

Dr. William Goodwin
Department Office, (813) 974-2447, FAO274 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. FAO246

Dr. Martin Muschol
Department Office, (813) 974-2871, ISA2022 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. ISA2019

Dr. Sandra Schneider
Psychological Sciences (St. Petersburg campus)  Dr. Jennifer O'Brien
Department Office, (813) 974-2492, PCD4118G (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. PCD4118G

Religious Studies
Dr. Gil Ben-Herut
Department Office, (813) 974-2221, CPR469 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CPR107

School of Geosciences
Environmental Science and Policy: Dr. Ruiliang Pu
Geography: Dr. Ruiliang Pu
Geography and Environmental Science & Policy: Dr. Ruiliang Pu
Geology: Dr. Sarah Kruse
Department Office, (813) 974-2236, NES201 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. NES107

School of Information
Library and Information Sciences: Dr. Natalie Taylor
Intelligence Studies: Dr. Randy Borum
Department Office, (813) 974-3520, CIS2011 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CIS1040

School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies
Latin American Caribbean Studies:  Dr. Steven Roach
Political Science:  Dr. Steven Roach
Politics and International Affairs:  Dr. Steven Roach
Department Office , (813) 974-2384, SOC352 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. SOC107

School of Public Affairs
Public Administration: Dr. Stephen Aikins
Urban & Regional Planning: Dr. Mark Hafen
Department Office, (813) 974-7861, SOC007 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. SOC107

Dr. Maralee Mayberry 
Department Office, (813) 974-2893, CPR209 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CPR107

Women's and Gender Studies
Dr. Michelle Hughes Miller
Department Office, (813) 974-0892, CMC202 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CMC342

World Language
French: Dr. Anne Latowsky
Spanish: Dr. Pablo Brescia
English as Second Language/Linguistic:  Dr. Wei Zhu
Linguistic and Applied Language Studies: Dr. Camilla Vasquez
Department Office, (813) 974-2548, CPR419 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CPR107

Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications
Advertising:  Dr. Art Ramirez
Mass Communications:  Dr. Art Ramirez
Department Office, (813) 974-4462, CIS3106 (Tampa campus), Mail Pt. CIS1040