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Build a solid foundation for your career in architecture and urbanism at the USF School of Architecture & Community Design (SACD).

Students emerge from our program ready to take on a full range of professional activities and responsibilities. Our graduates have joined professional architecture firms in Florida, New York City, Seattle and more across the country. Some have started their own award-winning design firms and worked on design projects both nationally and internationally.

Architectural Experience Program

The Architectural Experience Program (AXP) is an internship program that enables all SACD students to receive hands-on experience in the field while developing their professional skills. Advanced fourth-year students lead the AXP Advisors Committee, which distributes information about the internship process. SACD works with numerous firms in Florida and across the United States to secure ongoing internships and permanent positions for students.

SACD Career Expo

Held in the spring, the Career Expo provides students and architecture firms the opportunity to meet and interview in-person. For more information, visit the Career Expo page.

Partnership with AIA Tampa Bay

Our students enjoy multiple benefits from the school's longstanding relationship and collaboration with the Tampa Bay chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Professional architects help conduct mock interviews, and the Firm Crawl event gives students a chance to tour offices.

Academic Advising

In addition to helping students register for classes, academic advisors can also assist students in selecting classes to advance their career interests. For example, if a student intends to specialize in the architecture and urban design of a specific region, the advisor may recommend courses, study abroad and educational travel opportunities that expand on that area. SACD offers academic advising for all graduate and pre-architecture undergraduate students. Visit the Student Services & Advising page to make an appointment with an advisor, find resources for new and current students, and apply for graduation.

Committed to supporting the career goals of our students, SACD also embeds professional development into the following components of our program.


Preparing for your career happens in the classroom too. As part of the SACD mission to develop students who are socially responsible, our courses engage issues of sustainability and resiliency in urban design. They offer a broad view of cultural, social and physical environmental issues. The rigorous curriculum also expands students' critical thinking skills and enhances innovation.

Design Culture

Master the technologies necessary to create a sound, ecological world. Inside the studio, students explore their personal style and refine their skills. Collaborating with fellow students also teaches them to work effectively in teams. Portfolio reviews equip students with constructive feedback to improve their work.

Travel Opportunities

Faculty lead students on educational trips that are embedded into courses. Regional trips within the United States and study abroad programs lend students a global perspective, ensuring a more current and informed approach to architecture and urbanism. The ability to work effectively with diverse communities is an increasingly relevant skill in today's globalized economy. Visit the College of The Arts study abroad page to learn about our travel and exchange programs.

Community Engagement

Participating in sponsored design studios, workshops and research grants provides students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. Students address a variety of local issues and think critically about the impact of the design and decision-making process on real-life communities. Past studios have been run in cities in Florida, as well as in Cuba, Thailand, Ecuador, England, and Cyprus.

Speak with your professors about the following professional organizations and related career resources for SACD students to learn how to start developing professional connections and grow your network.

Professional Architecture Organizations

Professional Urban and Community Design Organizations

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    USF Career Services

    USF Career Services assists students in preparing for and making the transition to life after USF with services including job search coaching, career fairs, workshops, job boards, and more.

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    USF Student Employment

    For students interested in working at USF while taking classes, find job opportunities and resources to aid in finding on-campus part-time work and federal work study positions.

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    USF Graduate Assistantships

    Colleges and departments at USF award graduate assistantships to qualified students on a competitive basis, contributing to graduate students’ professional development.

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