Arts Research at USF

Research in the Arts at the University of South Florida expands the practice of our students, faculty and community of artists through interdisciplinary work, global explorations of perspectives and local community engagement. The three research units of the College of The Arts, the Institute for Research in Art, the Center for Music Education Research and the Florida Center for Community Design and Research, exemplify the interdisciplinary significance of the arts. Through these research units our students are exposed to a variety of contemporary work in the arts that becomes incorporated into their curriculum and expands their own arts practices.

Institute for Research in Art

The Institute for Research in Art (IRA) has a long and internationally recognized history. The IRA contains the Contemporary Art Museum, Graphicstudio and the Public Art program. Working with national and international artists for different initiatives — like community engagement, social practice, art in health and Latin American art — the IRA has established itself as a leading art center.


Center for Music Education Research

The School of Music's Center for Music Education Research (CMER) conducts global and interdisciplinary music education research. Various global perspective are examined through the Music Education Research International (MERI), the annual research paper competition published as an online journal and the Suncoast Music Education Research Symposium (SMERS).


Florida Center for Community Design & Research

The School of Architecture & Community Design's Florida Center for Community Design & Research is a research unit dedicated to creating more livable and sustainable communities in Florida. It was founded in 1986 as a statewide research center. They strive to assist Florida's growing communities by addressing urban and regional problems related to both natural and built environments and providing design expertise, technical assistance and applied research.