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Dance in Paris Program

Take classes, see performances, live in and experience Paris from the point of view of a dancer. The dance program at the University of South Florida offers one of the most exciting study abroad opportunities. Through our two USF Dance in Paris programs, university-age dance majors can study in the French capital for a summer or a semester. Both courses of study feature a variety of workshops and technique classes taught by a European-based dance faculty.

Students will also experience over a dozen performances, plus the chance to perform their own choreography in Paris. Since 2007, over 250 dancers from across the United States have expanded their horizons and challenged themselves through this unique study abroad program. Come join us in Paris!

Dance in Paris Semester Program

  • This program typically runs during the spring semester each year, but because of current travel restrictions, the 2021 program has been cancelled. 
  • Our goal is to have this very popular program up and running again in some form for 2022.  Please check back for updates! 

The USF Dance in Paris Semester Program is an expansion of the curricular and cultural enrichment opportunities that have already been established through the month-long USF Dance in Paris Summer Program, which celebrates its 13th summer in 2021. The USF Dance in Paris Semester Program (USF/DPSP) is a significant contribution toward providing an immersive study abroad opportunity for dance majors and minors. The USF/DPSP distinguishes USF as the only American university to offer a fully accredited study abroad program of this kind, specifically geared toward American university-age dancers where students will earn academic credits in technique, theory and practice, which contribute directly toward their respective dance degrees. The USF/DPSP is an opportunity for dance majors/minors to expand their historical, cultural and performance-based knowledge through exposure to the rich tradition of dance in the French capital over the course of one semester. The goal of the USF DPSP is to facilitate the edification of the student global artist/scholar through the lens of dance in the city of Paris, and by extension, French society.

Dance in Paris Summer Program

  • Summer Dance in Paris Program application and course information
  • Although this program is still slated to go for the month of June 2021, the current situation will impose many restrictions on student mobility during the program.  We continue to monitor the situation and will be making a decision in mid-November 2020 about the feasibility of the program for June 2021.  Please check back for updates!  

We are celebrating the 13th year of the USF Dance in Paris Summer Program in 2021, making it the oldest summer study abroad opportunity in France devoted specifically to university-age dance majors. In 2007, the USF Dance Program expanded the parameters of its curriculum by offering students a program of study in Paris, France. Led by USF faculty member Michael Foley, and assisted by Barnard College faculty member, Colleen Thomas, this annual four-week intensive course of study in Paris is a unique opportunity for serious dancers and choreographers to live and dance in one of the world’s greatest cities. This Program offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for dance majors to expand their historical, cultural and performance-based knowledge through exposure to the rich tradition of dance in the French capital. The goal of the USF Dance in Paris Summer Program is to enable students to expand upon information they have already gleaned from several courses required of dance majors (technique, choreography and dance history) with the goal toward global artistic citizenry.