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Application Process and Program Fees, Paris Semester Program

Requirements and Application Process

This a rigorous course of study in dance technique, choreography, theory and application, so students should already be well-engaged in a reputable and rigorous course of study (pursuing either a BFA or BA in Dance degree) prior to their application.

Students should provide detailed information in the initial application to give the selection committee the strongest possible indication of your candidacy. A letter of recommendation will be mandatory for all non-USF dance major candidates applying to the program. Priority will be given to students who have at least four semesters of a college/university dance degree experience, along with a demonstration of high technical rigor (students should be taking a minimum of three ballet and three contemporary classes per week three semesters prior to application), academic (high GPA in the Dance major) and creative strength (at least one semester of college-level choreography/composition).

Students may also be required to interview remotely with the Program’s director, Michael Foley.

How to Apply

Students wishing to apply to the USF Dance in Paris Semester Program must go through a multi-leveled application process toward final acceptance in the program.

  1. Students must fill out an initial application through USF’s Education Abroad Office providing details on their academic, technical and choreographic experience, as well as their motivation for attending the program. A letter of recommendation is required from students outside of USF and schools affiliated with the Dance in Paris Programs, although it does not have to be submitted with the inquiry application. Priority will be given to students in their junior year of college, along with a demonstration of high academic/creative/technical strength. 
  2. Once students are accepted into the program, they will be allowed to move on to the second part of the application process through USF Education Abroad. The USF Education Abroad application allows students to begin the formal registration process for the Semester Program, as well as providing non-USF students with a USF e-mail account and payment schedule.

Please be aware of the following dates:

  • Please be aware of the following dates:

    Friday Sept 13th, 2024: Applications for the Dance in Paris Semester Program will be accepted up until this date, but students are encouraged to apply early. 

  • Monday Sept 16th, 2024: All students will be notified of the committee’s decision, although students who exceed the criteria and submit applications early may be contacted prior to this date.  Students, who are accepted into the Program, will receive notification followed by instructions on how to apply to USF as non-degree seeking student, and then you will be directed to the USF Education Abroad website for the final application.

  • The deadline for all approved students to register through USF’s Education Abroad website where USF will approve completed applications is September 27th. Students will receive notification of next steps by October 1st

  • For non-USF students who are accepted into the program, there is an October 1st, 2024 deadline to apply to USF as a non-degree seeking student. There is a $30 application fee attached to that particular application.
  • October 11th: All students will need to commit to the Semester Program.


Dance in Paris Semester Program Fees

Students will enroll in the USF/DPSP through USF/Education Abroad’s traditional study abroad enrollment procedures once they are accepted into the program through the initial application process. USF/Education Abroad will handle all program registration, course selection, enrollment, and payments.

The Program costs and tuition for the USF/DPSP are currently being calculated but ESTIMATED at $17k-$19k*

Included in the program’s costs/fees/tuition:

  • All academic instruction, including all tuition credits
  • Accommodation - Students will be housed in a fully-accessible/equipped student residence in a safe neighborhood in Paris. Each student will have their own room in a two-person suite complete with shared bathroom (shower, toilet, etc.), as well as efficiency kitchen (refrigerator, hot plate, microwave and sink).  The residence also supplies bedding and kitchen supplies.
  • Admission for all cultural and performance events - Program students will see over 25 performances during the semester and have access to all of Paris’s major museums.
  • Semester-long metro pass with access to all transportation within the Paris/Île de France metro area.
  • Choreographic excursions to Berlin and Amsterdam, which covers student transportation, lodging, breakfast and lunch.
  • Airport transfers from Paris airports to/from dorms at the beginning and end of the semester.
  • Comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance**
  • Pre-departure and on-site orientations


Not Included:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Passport fee and mandatory visa for a stay in France of longer than 90 days
  • Meals and any personal expenses (about $1500 - $2000 for the semester)
  • Foldable/portable yoga mat



Financing Your Study Abroad Experience:

Information about financial aid and scholarships will be available through USF Education Abroad, but students should also contact their home institution’s Financial Aid office to see what funds can be applied to this particular Program. The earlier students start this process, the easier it is to identify and apply the financial help required to fund their study abroad experience. 

If you are on financial aid at your institution, make sure you fill out your FAFSA on-time.  
You should schedule to meet one-on-one with someone in the Financial Aid office to make a readjustment to your spring semester allocation/aid package.  You will need to ask for the most amount of money you can receive based on USF Education Abroad’s worksheet (program fee, tuition, costs for airline, food, etc.), even if it is more than you plan to spend on the program.

Planning for your time in Paris means making other kinds of adjustments to your budget, which include not being able to work for the entire time you are in Paris, so if you count on using some of your financial aid to live off -- you should figure that into your aid package.   The Financial Aid Office can also offer things like subsidized loans (no interest until after graduation) or other kind of grants.



*Note - there may be a higher per-credit tuition cost for out-of-state students.

**USF provides students and faculty study abroad program participants with insurance coverage for sickness, accident, hospitalization, and emergency medical evacuation. This coverage is extended to program participants for the dates of the program.  Those who plan to travel independently, in advance of or after the program, must arrange their own insurance coverage