Procurement Services

Central Receiving 

The Central Receiving Team is responsible for the receipt of goods to the central receiving area of campus; delivery of goods to various departments at the Tampa campus and the pickup and shipment of outgoing commodities as needed.



Verification of Packing Slips: Vendors should enclose or attach a packing slip with each order. Upon receipt of a package, a Central Receiving representative matches the packing slip with the Purchase Order to verify information. Purchase orders are received from Procurement Services. 

Departments are ultimately responsible for ensuring the correct quantity and quality of items were delivered.  

Departments are also reminded to check the packaging once received for invoices which may be attached to the packages.  

Large Quantities: Large quantity items must be checked for any obvious damage before being stored. Adequate storage facilities must be secured before ordering large quantities. If you are anticipating a large quantity order, contact a Central Receiving representative for further instruction. 

Large Items: Large items may have to be delivered directly to the Purchaser and bypass Central Receiving due to space concerns. If large item storage and receipt are needed, Departments should contact Central Receiving prior to placing the order to ensure storage facilities are available. 

Fragile/Sensitive/Perishable Goods: Fragile, sensitive, and perishable items will be delivered to the purchaser as soon as the item(s) arrive in Central Receiving.  It is the responsibility of the Department to track these shipments and make sure someone is available at the Department to accept delivery.  

Other Special Handling Circumstances - Special handling requires:  

  • notification on the Requisition when the item is ordered; and 
  • the notification of the Central Receiving Manager. 

Storage: Storage requests must be made as a Requisition is completed. Items will be stored for a limited time only. 


Return Shipment - Departments are responsible for arranging with the supplier terms of the return shipment and ensuring the items are properly packaged for return.  In some circumstances, restocking fees may be assessed to the Purchaser by the supplier when the wrong items have been ordered. 

Please contact Central Receiving staff if you have questions regarding packaging, shipping and pickup.  

Payment for return shipment can take place either by: 

  • pre-payment by the University or 
  • collection by the supplier and deduction from a future invoice.