Procurement Services

Find A Supplier

There are several resources available to help USF Purchasers find Suppliers (both CBE and Non-CBE's).

  1. Use Bull Marketplace
    Our BMP Punch-Out suppliers offer a wide range of goods and services for publicly sourced prices.  You can also use BMP to search for existing CBE’s and other suppliers that have already registered with USF.  

  2. Use USF Office of Supplier Diversity Resources 
    Access a variety of supplier partners sourced by OSD using their Diverse Vendor Listing.

    If you have questions about the listing or need assistance finding a diverse vendor, please email

  3. Use Available Contracts 
    USF Purchasing, Co-operatives and other public agencies have countless Suppliers and Diverse-owned Suppliers who have been awarded contracts through public solicitations.  These contracts are available to use by anyone in the USF community. Please visit our Available Contracts/Sourcing page for available contract sources. 

    USF has partnered with Pavilion, a free search tool which allows you to find shareable contracts, which have been publicaly sourced that you can use!  Search according to supplier or need. Check out their user guide for more information or try your first search below. 
  4. Use Procurated
    USF Procurement has partnered with Procurated to access their national database of supplier reviews.  Through our partnership we have access to over 30,000 public sector supplier reviews.  Access your free account and learn more about Procurated here.  

 *These resources are intended to assist USF purchases in finding suppliers and diverse suppliers. However, you may find suppliers by other methods and are not restricted to only using companies on these listings.