Moving Services: Employee Lab/Office Relocation

The following information is for Employee relocation/moving services of their lab/office negotiated as a part of an employment contract with USF. 

The move of employee's office or laboratory materials/equipment to USF is allowable and is not considered part of an employee's moving expense or taxable income.  

Preferred vendors

Lead Agency: University of Florida (ITN18SN-127)

Lead Agency: Florida International University (ITN-2021-00056)

A-Turner (5/14/2023)
North American Van Lines (5/14/2023)
Browning (4/30/2023)
United Van Lines (4/30/2023)
National Van Lines (5/31/2023)
Community Moving/Mayflower (E&I) (4/30/2027)

A-Turner Moving & Storage
Accelerated Laboratory and Hospital
Jasmov, Inc. DBA Bekins of Sourth Florida



Intent To Award
Event Details


  • Employees must provide a letter from their old institution releasing the material/equipment and an authorized department representative must provide a letter accepting materials/equipment that is being moved. These letters should be attached to the requisition request.
  • If the USF Department is covering the cost, Departments should create a requisition, generate a purchase order and direct pay the moving companies for the employee’s moving expenses.  This activity is coordinated through Procurement Services.
  • Department’s should coordinate with Facilities Management – specifically Environmental Health & Safety for hazardous material inventory and management.
  • At the completion of the move, a list of assets should be provided to USF Asset Management for property tagging.