Amazon Business

Using Amazon Business  - Best Practices

Amazon Business Prime offers USF departments access to prime pricing, savings on shipping and eligible next-day delivery on a variety of items.  

  • USE PRIME: Departments should use the shopping filters to select Prime Items to save shipping costs whenever possible

  • SUPPORT OUR MISSION: Amazon Marketplace can connect you with Diverse and Small Business owners and distributers.  Use the shopping filters to compare products whenever possible to similar items carried by CBE/DBE suppliers and support our mission to engage with diverse and small business partners.
  • PREFERRED SUPPLIERS FIRST: USF departments are reminded that Amazon Business Prime should be used only if a department cannot find the same product(s) through a PUNCH-OUT or Other USF Preferred Contract/Supplier. Exclusive agreements already established for goods and service such as office supplies, copiers, printers, computer equipment, and other programs must be utilized.

For questions about Amazon Business Prime, click on the FAQ icon.

For all other questions about USF Amazon Business, contact – Carri Kinsman, Strategic Category Manager.

For help with locked accounts and refunds contact - Amazon Enterprise Services at 888-281-3847

Account Setup


When you receive your USF P-card, you will be sent an invitation to register for a USF Amazon Prime Business Account. Click on the First Time User Registration Guide for step-by-step instructions.

You must use your USF e-mail address to register. All non "@usf.edu" accounts will be periodically audited and removed. If you have a pre-existing, personal Amazon account using your USF e-mail address, your personal account should be updated to a non-work e-mail address before the invitation is accepted.


P-Card is the only allowable method of payment for Amazon Business Prime, all other payment instruments are prohibited, therefore you must be an active USF P-card holder to have an Amazon Business Prime account.
Purchases from personal Amazon accounts are not permitted on a University P-card. 

Allowable Purchases 

Any use of Amazon Business Prime is subject to applicable USF policies and procedures for the acquisition of goods and services, including, USF Purchasing Standards of Conduct (USF4.02000) and P-card Guidelines. Amazon Business Prime is intended for the purchase of goods for USF business only, purchases for personal use are prohibited.  
Category Restrictions have been implemented to help you make better buying decisions.  These warnings will not prevent you from completing the purchase of these items, however, P-card holders are responsible for ensuring your purchases are compliant with P-card and other purchasing policies. 

Category Blocks have been implemented on some items and services.  You will be unable to complete your purchase of these items and should see alternative suppliers or purchase methods.

USF Procurement will perform periodic audits within Amazon Business Prime and reserves the right to deny or suspend access to individuals or department(s) who misuse Amazon Business Prime.