Purchasing Forms


Certificate of Expenditure for Concession Funds

Expenditures Exceeding One Million Dollars Approval Request

^^ Submit expenditure approval to Gina Lombardi for review and execution prior to submitting a requisition or contract request to procurement services.  If the expenditure is not related to an existing public contract and sourcing, including public solicitation is required, please contact Procurement Services to help facilitate.

Lease Coverage Request Form

Perquisite Approval Request

Quote Request Form - (Not required, may be used to formalize verbal quotes)

Records Disposal Request Form 

Single Source Certification

Sourcing Request Form (online) 

Tax Exempt Certificate


New Supplier Setup Checklist

New Supplier Request Instructions

Independent Contractor Attestation

Independent Contractor Decision Matrix


Must be used when any contract (including a PO) is executed, extended or renewed between USF and any entity which would gain access to Personal Identifying Information (Rule 60A-1.020). 

Personal Identifying Information includes, but is not limited to the following in combination with a first and last name: SSN, Drivers License Number, Passport Number, Government Issued Identification, financial account, credit or debit card number, medical history or treatment, health insurance number.  (Definition F.S. 501.171)

FOR CONTRACTS (Including BA and Research agreements): Contract Facilitator will attach the form and executed along with other signatures. 

FOR REQUISITIONS where no contract exists: You will be responsible for having the supplier sign the form and attach it to the requisition request.

PUR1355 Form 


Procurement Services is currently working with the Office of General Council to update existing contract templates.  If you require a template, please contact one of Procurement Services' Contract Administrators.

Renewal Request Template

Amendment Request Template

ONLY Procurement Services, as Presidential designees may sign these agreements on behalf of USF.  The agreement must be submitted to Procurement using the Bull Marketplace Contract Request form for execution.  


Office of Supplier Diversity Prime Contractor Quarterly Review

Space Impact Form

Sponsored Research Forms (Sub-contracts)

Tax Exemption Certificate - State of Florida