Small Parcel Shipping


On our first day of operations, we delivered 186 packages. Now, we deliver millions every day, all over the globe. Collaboration and innovation fueled our growth. Dedication to an outstanding customer experience drives us to where now meets next.

We’re committed to innovating. Practicing inclusion. Delivering more sustainable solutions. And improving all the time.

FedEx also offerers Print Services at contract rates

Account Setup: 

EXISTING:   USF currently has several FedEx account numbers.    To verify if your current established account number is properly captured on the state of Florida contract, email rdbledsoe@fedex.com and include your account number.  Bobby (FedEx) will verify it is loaded correctly in the FedEx System.    

NEW: If you do not currently have an account and need to set up a new one, please follow these instructions below and use the provided excel form:

  1. Complete the sections in green and orange of this form
  2. Once completed, email form to govtsupport@fedex.com
  3. Once FedEx sets up the account number, they will email it back to you as well as other support documentation to help you get started


How to Ship: 

  1. Once you have an account number, you can register it on www.fedex.com See the guide on how to setup your User ID and password
  2. First time users can follow the online guide for creating shipments for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services.  
  3. You can also order shipping supplies online
  4. You can arrange a pickup online, call in or drop off at a FedEx location
  5. You can call 800-GOFEDEX (800.463.3339) to get further information on how to ship online and how to request pickups.


Customer Support

Shipment Tracking

Bobby Bledsoe, State Government Sales, Account Manager
Ph: 901-219-6964

Contract Information: 

NASPO ValuePoint: 78102200-21-NASPO-ACS
Contract Dates: 11/28/2021 - 11/27/2026