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Business partners have described four benefit categories associated with the Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation. The four categories are:

  • Engaging with students
  • Insights from research
  • Employee resource development
  • Investing in the future

Academic Programs

Marketing and sales, known together as a firm's revenue generating go-to-market efforts, are more important today than ever before. The pace of change and loss of market barriers spurred by digital transformation and cloud services are making the historically successful approaches to differentiation based on products and distribution increasingly difficult. This lack of differentiation and growing competition is placing ever greater focus on knowing and engaging customers and driving the need for innovation in a firm's go-to-market efforts.

The Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation in the Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida is focused on four pillars to assist students, businesses, and the community meet these challenges today, tomorrow, and the future.

  • The first pillar of assistance is building business partnerships to bring companies into the education process through engagement in the classroom, curriculum input, and support with resources and funding for co-curricular activities.
  • The second pillar is research with impact for companies and students. Real-world research adds a richness and topicality to education and provides businesses insights to succeed.
  • The third pillar is supporting faculty development with facilities, activities, and funding.
  • The fourth pillar is assisting students with experiences that enrich their educational experiences.

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Student Organizations

We encourage all marketing majors to take advantage of the great student organizations devoted to expanding knowledge of and interaction with the marketing and sales professions.  Participation in these organizations offers a myriad of networking opportunities with like-minded students and industry professionals and useful programs that contribute to one’s professional development. The USF American Marketing Association chapter is ranked in the top 20 nationally out of 320 student chapters across the US and the sales program has been repeatedly recognized by the Sales Education Foundation as a Top Sales University. The sales program is proud to offer a rich array of valuable experiences on both the Tampa and St. Petersburg campuses. Students on all three campuses are welcome to participate in any and all programs and are encouraged to attend events and activities where most convenient.

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