Doctor of Business Administration

Curriculum - Online Program

The USF Doctor of Business Administration degree is a three-year program. Its online cohorts meet on alternating Saturdays during 3 terms per year. Students move through the program as a cohort, taking the same classes, which can vary from cohort to cohort. The first two years of the program are predominantly course work. The final year is focused on the candidate's dissertation requirement.

Key facts:

  • Program duration: three years

  • Program credits: 72

  • Meetings: Saturdays, every other week, with breaks between trimesters

The program is designed to take three years to complete. For the first two years, participants will take three-credit courses focused on research methods. Starting near the end of year 2, participants will take four- or six-credit dissertation courses that meet monthly and run in parallel with two-credit issues courses.
More information can be found in the USF Catalog.