Doctor of Business Administration

Why Online?

The online DBA cohorts are intended for highly qualified individuals whose schedule or location preclude them from joining one of our traditional cohorts with a monthly in-person residential requirement. The online DBA program design is an outgrowth of our experience during the period when the COVID-19 pandemic required us to deliver our program in an online synchronous fashion.

In nearly every important way, the original and online DBA cohorts are identical (see table at the end of the page). From an instructional standpoint, the key differences are as follows:

  • Meeting every other week. Because two days in a row paying attention to a computer screen is very fatiguing, we built a schedule that meets every other Saturday during our standard USF semester schedule (Summer, Fall, Spring).
  • Trimester schedule: Participants in the traditional program wanted the freedom to travel during the summer without having to interrupt their trips to return to Tampa. Because online participants can participate in classes from anywhere the Internet is available, it made more sense to run classes year-round, with breaks between terms.
  • Maximum cohort size: Our DBA classes involve a lot of interaction between faculty and participants. Online, we have found this interaction is facilitated by having smaller groups. Thus, admissions will be cut off at 15 participants (less than half of the limit for our regular cohorts).
Comparison with Original DBA
Characteristic Original DBA Cohort Online Cohort
Expected Duration 3 years
Total Program Cost $90,000 + $2,500
Included in program costs Books, software, computer
Included support for participant conference and research expenses $6000 (Research expenses & conference attendance) +
$2000 (research expenses only, 3rd year)
Total Credits 72
Expected workload 10-15 hours per week, throughout the program
Faculty Scholar-Academic (SA) qualified faculty and DBA alumni from across USF
Admission Requirements Same for all DBA applicants
Application Form Available online - same for all DBA applicants
Accreditation AACSB International
(Regional Accreditation by SACS COC)
Calendar Spring/Fall Terms; no meetings June & July (Summer Semester) Trimester with breaks between terms
Meeting Schedule One Friday/Saturday weekend each month in semester Alternating Saturday online; two required 3-day onsite residencies
Maximum cohort size 32 15
Admission Deadline (for full consideration) 15 October (late applicants considered on space-available basis) 15 March (late applicants considered on space-available basis)
Meals and Parking Provided during monthly weekends Provided during 3-day residencies