Doctor of Business Administration

The USF DBA Degree

All Tracks

  • Students will complete the three-year program in a cohort with other executives.
  • Each semester is divided into two quarters, with a one-month break between semesters.

Regular Track

  • Classes are scheduled for two consecutive days one weekend each month for six five-month semesters.
  • Face-to-face classes are heavily supplemented by online activities between face-to-face sessions.
  • The weekend format allows participants to continue with their careers while they master a range of applied research skills.

Residential Track

  • Designed for international students attending through an F1 visa and students requiring a fully face-to-face experience.
  • Students attend monthly weekend classes with executives in the regular track.
  • Between residency sessions, students attend two night sessions each week, facilitated by co-instructors
  • Residential track students complete the same assignments and must meet all the same requirement as regular track students.

Online Program

  • Designed for students who cannot attend monthly regular class sessions.

  • Same requirements, curriculum and faculty as the regular program.

  • Meets synchronously every other Saturday

  • Follows a trimester schedule, with classes meeting spring, summer and fall

Is the USF Doctor of Business Administration for you?

You should consider the USF Doctor of Business Administration program if you meet the program's admissions requirements and some or all of the following apply to you:

  • You seek a new challenge, and the opportunity to develop professionally and personally
  • You are a conceptual thinker and relish the role of opinion leader
  • You are self-directed and enjoy taking on large, complex projects for which you have complete responsibility
  • You would enjoy the opportunity to partner with expert faculty and highly qualified executive classmates
  • You want to apply advanced research methods to the business problems that you currently face
  • You would like to write articles or publish a book
  • You would like to become qualified to teach at the graduate level at an accredited institution of higher education.