Doctor of Business Administration

DBA Program Designs

In choosing a DBA program, it is important to ensure that the design of the program matches your objectives. Nearly all programs have a research methods component near the start, and a dissertation/project requirement at the end. With respect to coursework, there are four basic design philosophies that we commonly see:

  1. Doctorate by publication: Very little course work, with a degree being awarded almost entirely based on the dissertation. Popular in Europe, not in the United States.
  2. Disciplinary: Resembles a traditional PhD with substantial coursework focusing on a single function
  3. Multi-Disciplinary: Resembles an MBA in structure, with survey courses on the research in each business function
  4. Interdisciplinary: Course work focuses on topics that cross the business functions, such as analytics, innovation, creativity, strategy, systems theory and sustainability.

Key features of our program

  • Multi-disciplinary course offerings include both research methods and areas of strategic focus for the USF Muma College of Business
  • Publication courses provide students with structured opportunities to publish different types of research
  • Topics for "issues courses" later in the program are selected by students from a list of course proposals
  • Students may propose issues courses and even design and co-teach them under faculty direction
  • Dissertation requirements are rigorous but also flexible; may be fulfilled with a traditional thesis, book, major research project, or with a portfolio of research-driven activities
  • Tuition of $30,000 per year for three years includes:
    • Meals, required books, and course materials.
    • A $6,000 budget for approved student research and travel expenses
    • A $2,000 budget during the final year for research expenses, such as transcription and editing