Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy

Advisory Council

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The Advisory Council consists of senior executives with extensive knowledge and experience in the accounting profession who are deeply committed to supporting and promoting the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy at USF. Through periodic meetings and ongoing consultations with the school's Director, members of the Advisory Council connect with the faculty and students in the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy. They provide advice on curricular matters, assist faculty and doctoral students with research projects, and provide financial support for a number of endeavors, such as the study abroad program and teaching and research awards. Members of the Advisory Council provide an outside voice to the University administration and external constituents relative to the needs, directions, and activities of the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy.

Advisory Council Members

  • Jennifer Ackart
  • Kimball Adams
  • Chris Alvarez
  • Eric Bailey
  • Ivan Baker
  • Lee Bell
  • Bo S. Brault
  • Laura Brock
  • Mary Brown
  • Dana Burton
  • Luke Buzard
  • Brian Christian
  • Dan Collins
  • Dan Dowell, Chair, Executive Committee
  • Cindy Fornelli
  • Jeff Gilbert
  • Jeff Hackman, Executive Committee
  • Mike Hajek
  • Jennifer Hamway
  • Richard Helme
  • Sean Hillary
  • Richard Jacobson
  • Tina P. Johnson, Executive Committee
  • Jason Geisler
  • Tim Merrick, Chair-Elect, Executive Committee
  • Lori Nissen
  • Kim O'Brien
  • Steve Oscher
  • Katie Powell
  • Daryn Smith
  • Jeff Sparling, Executive Committee
  • Lauren Strope
  • Ron Tambasco
  • Mark Taylor, Executive Committee

Emeritus Members

  • Doug Birch
  • John P. Borreca
  • William Cammarata
  • Stephen Douglas
  • Ralph Garcia
  • Ali Hasbini
  • Dan R. Johnson
  • William A. Johnson
  • Bob Keith
  • Stanley Levy
  • Greg Orchard
  • Eileen Sarris
  • Byron Shinn
  • John Simmons
  • William Tapp
  • Joe Trepani
  • Kelly Underhill
  • Jose E. Valiente
  • Chad Whetstone
  • Mark White
  • Randy Zavertnik

Advisory Constitution and By-Laws