Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Major

The Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy is an upper-level, limited access school, which means that students applying to the undergraduate major have additional prerequisites beyond the general entry requirements to the Muma College of Business.

Undergraduate Minor

Students who are majoring in business can earn a minor in accounting. The completion of four courses, among other requirements, must be met.


The four courses in the certificate program will provide students with a strong foundation in risk identification, assessment and management techniques. The program also focuses on providing students with knowledge regarding compliance with various rules, laws, and regulations affecting businesses.

Master of Science in Accountancy and Analytics

The Master of Science in Accountancy and Analytics program provides candidates with greater breadth and depth of knowledge in accountancy than is possible in the baccalaureate program. The program is designed to meet the increasing needs of business, government, and public accounting. The program may also be structured to satisfy the requirements to sit for the CPA examination in Florida.


Graduates of the PhD program demonstrate the mastery of one or more specialized areas of accounting, such as accounting information systems, auditing, managerial accounting, or financial accounting. Our program is purposefully small, so that students are able to work closely with faculty members while pursuing their doctoral degree.