Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy

Certifying for Success

There are a variety of career options under the accounting umbrella, including auditing, tax, forensics, business consulting, and corporate compliance. Professional certifications for many of these career options signal mastery of specific knowledge and skills and are often required for advancement in organizations. For example, an auditor who attests the financial statements of publicly held companies must be a Certified Public Accountant.

Professional Accounting Certifications

Professional certifications and their respective review programs related to careers in accounting include the following:


The Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy holds workshops during the fall and spring semesters to discuss details of the various professional certifications available for accounting graduates. These workshops cover specifics of courses that relate to certifications, the structure and length of various certification exams, and alternative review courses for them.


To ensure that graduates are well prepared for key certification exams, the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy offers scholarships to subsidize the cost of review courses and exam costs. These “Certifying for Success” Scholarships are offered every semester to Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy students in the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.  In 2019 the pass rate for USF Students and Alumni were higher than the state averages:

  • CPA Exam cumulative averages: 60.4% pass rate/74.9 score (FL 55.3% pass rate/ 73.3 score)
  • AUD: 63.9% pass rate (FL average: 54.6%)
  • BEC: 65.4% (FL average: 60.6%)
  • FAR: 55.2% (FL average: 50%)
  • REG: 56.3% (FL average: 58.1%)