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“Don’t think of risk management and insurance as something that would replace a field of study that you are already pursuing because the risk management and insurance industry needs accountants, marketing and sales specialists, customer service, data analysts, people with technical skills.  So really no matter what your interests are, risk management and insurance has some exciting opportunities that are going to be a good fit for you.”
- Steve Miller, RMI Program Director

Seven Reasons to Major in Risk Management and Insurance

Career Resources

  • MyPath is an organization devoted to helping the next generation learn about careers in risk management and insurance.  Discover the limitless possibilities of a career in the risk management and insurance industry.
  • The Insurance Information Institute is composed of more than 60 insurance company members — including regional, super-regional, national and global carriers — and is considered one of the top online sources for insurance information.  The organization’s website (, blog and social media channels offer a wealth of data-driven research studies, white papers, videos, articles, infographics and other resources solely dedicated to explaining insurance and enhancing knowledge.
  • Source: IRMI (International Risk Management Institute)

    The International Risk Management Institute helps insurance and risk management professionals do a better job by providing content about the industry, hosting conferences, and providing continuing education and certifications.  The video below discusses the interesting types of positions and work within the industry in addition to sales. For example, a risk management and insurance graduate could be an underwriter, computer programmer, actuary, safety consultant, or claims representative just to name a few. And, with hundreds of thousands of baby boomers retiring soon, there are great opportunities for career advancement. Employees in this industry help people avoid or recover from unfortunate events such as wildfires and tornadoes.