Bulls Business Community

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm in the BBN, do I have to live in the BBC?

The BBC is an optional program for BBN students...but you do have to be in the BBN to live in the BBC!

What if I change my major while living in the BBC?

We will never make a student move out of the BBC in the middle of the semester. If remaining on the floor is what is best for the student and the community, then the student may be allowed to finish the academic year on the floor.

How is the BBC different from other living learning centers?

The BBC is designed to give students a head start in the business world. Students enjoy company tours, networking with members of the area business community and USF alumni, interacting with the Muma College of Business Dean and faculty members outside of class, attending special events, participating in internship and career preparation sessions and using fun games to improve public speaking, communication, leadership, and on-the-spot thinking skills. BBC students also receive other academic benefits including academic advising and tutoring, on-site, in Juniper-Poplar Hall. All of these programs will provide students with a strong advantage when entering the business world.

What are the rooms like in Juniper-Poplar Hall?

Juniper-Poplar Hall's suite-style rooms form a square around a large, shared common area which contains chairs, a couch, television, and table. There is also a shared kitchen on each floor. Juniper-Poplar Hall is the newest residence hall on campus, boasting some of the nicest rooms on campus.

How many students will be living in the BBC?

For the 2011-2012 academic year the BBC will occupy one floor in Juniper-Poplar Hall, which will contain three common areas (see above question). Each common area houses 34 students, plus one Resident Assistant, for a total of 102 students plus 3 RAs living in the BBC.

I want to live in the BBC! What do I do next?

There are two forms to complete – the BBC Application and the USF Housing Contract. The BBC application is your request to be placed in the BBC and is sent directly to the Muma College of Business. The Housing Contract is sent directly to USF Housing. By submitting the Housing Contract, you are committing to live somewhere on campus; completion of the BBC Application is what will place you into the BBC. If you are a freshman, you must also complete a meal plan contract and an immunization form before you can be assigned to a room.

When are applications due?

There is no set due date, but rooms will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. The earlier you apply, the better. You will be notified via email if you have been assigned a space.