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UPDATE - Tuesday, July 16

With so many students wanting to participate in the residential experience, we have reached full capacity on campus and are no longer accepting applications for 2019-2020 student housing agreements. 

If you are in need of housing, we would encourage you to explore our affiliated partners. We have formal relationships with off-campus student housing partners that are close to campus and share our interest in student engagement and support. More information about the affiliated partners can be found on this page
If you have already submitted a 2019 – 2020 Student Housing Application, Housing & Residential Education will continue to communicate with you via your USF e-mail.  Please check your USF e-mail regularly. 



Live the Bull's Life

We are thrilled that you are interested in making the University of South Florida your home away from home! By living on campus, you will wake up every day knowing that you are a valued member of our community. Knowing that you matter. That you have a place. Our residents are engaged, challenged, and supported so they can become tomorrow's leaders.

You will have a Resident Assistant living in your hall who is your personal resource expert. There will be Hall Council meetings where you can share your ideas and attain a leadership position. The Residence Hall Association will enrich your experience and show you how to effect change on our fast-paced and diverse campus. Our Residential Curriculum serves as the backbone to the campus experience. We deliver resources, information, and opportunities when you need them most. It's time to live the Bull's life.


Process for New Students

  1. Living on campus provides exclusive benefits and opportunities. Read what past residents have to say.
  2. Review the 5 Steps to Living on Campus.
  3. Explore the residence hall options.
  4. Complete your housing application!
  5. Select your room! 



If you are living on campus through the INTO USF (English Language) program, visit the INTO housing website to get started!


Process for current students

  1. We are excited that you will be returning to live the Bull's life! Review the residence hall options.
  2. Complete your housing application!
  3. Select your room! 

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