Bulls Business Community


The Bulls Business Community is a Living Learning Community for first-year students majoring in business at the University of South Florida. The BBC LLC is designed to foster relationships with peers to create a support network, develop relationships with professionals to explore career paths & opportunities, identify resources to promote academic success, and articulate strategies to maintain holistic wellbeing. If you are a first-year business student who plans to live on campus, the Bulls Business Community is the right move for you!

Requirements to Join the Muma LLCs

  • Admission to the University of South Florida for the Fall semester OR
  • Minimum High School GPA of 3.5 and SAT Score of 1210 (w/570 math) or ACT score of 25 (w/25 math) OR
  • Participation in the Bulls to Business Program during the summer semester

Benefits of the Bulls Business Community

Preferred Living Space

Poplar Hall features the highly demanded suite style rooms. Two students share a room. Those two students share a bathroom with their two suitemates. 

Students in Poplar Hall also have access to Juniper Dining Hall and a retail shop perfect for late night provisions right on the first floor!

Professional & Academic Success

Participate in company tours, networking events & improv classes to help you learn valuable skills for the professional world and expand your comfort zone.

Engage in social & professional events with faculty and staff designed to teach you how to be successful in your academic and professional career.

In-hall tutoring is provided to our BBC students for math, economics, and accounting courses. 

Designated Academic Advisor

You will be one of only 128 first-year students who has a personalized advising experience. A personalized advising experience means students will be able to quickly schedule one-on-one meetings

The designated Muma Living Learning Community advisor gets to know you wholistically and has a strong understanding of your individual talents, values, and goals

The advisor’s office is in the same residence hall the students will live in. 

Muma LLC Introductory Business Course

In students’ first semester, they will be enrolled in a 1-credit hour seminar-style course taught by the Muma LLC advisor designed to assist students with their transition into the Muma College of Business.

Students will explore the majors & careers in business, engage in personal values and strengths workshops, and begin preparing their professional portfolio via personal branding and resume workshops.

Muma LLC Business Skills Course

In the student’s second semester, they will enroll in a 3-credit hour course taught by the Muma LLC advisor designed to equip students with skills necessary to search, apply, attain, and excel in internships and professional assignments

Students will learn best practices for topics including interviewing, conflict management, project management, presenting information, negotiation, and much more.

Eligibility for the Business Honors Program

Visit the Business Honors Program pages for benefits

How to Apply

If you have any questions, please contact the Bulls Business Community advisor Carrington Price.