Business Honors Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Honors College and the Business Honors Program?

The Honors College is for all USF students, regardless of major. The Business Honors Program is strictly for high achieving business majors.

Can I enroll in both the Honors College and the Business Honors Program?

Yes. We encourage all students who have been selected for the Business Honors Program to also enroll with the Honors College. Students will benefit from both programs.

When will the applications for the Business Honors Program be available?

Students are eligible to apply once they have been admitted into the Bulls Business Community. The application for the honors program is available online. Prospective BHP transfer students refer to the student handbook.

Get more information on applying to the BBC.

When is the application due?

We strongly recommend students submit the application and the accompanying documents early. This is a highly competitive program and just twenty students are admitted into the program each year. The earlier the application and supporting documents arrive, the sooner an interview can be scheduled.

What is the deadline for receiving documents?

Applications must be received prior to BHP interviews, which are usually scheduled during the Bulls Business Community Open House. However, the sooner the application and accompanying documents are received, the better.

How will I know when my application has been received?

We notify applicants of receipt via email.

When will the admission decision into the BHP be made?

Initial admission decisions are made in April. This is a tentative schedule as an admission decision is based on completing all interviews for both national and international applicants.

Who should write my letter of recommendation?

High school teachers, mentors, or academic advisors from high school can write a letter of recommendation. References should know the applicant well and, of course, be willing to write the letter and submit it on the student's behalf.

How do I send my transcripts and test scores?

You do not need to send any test scores or transcripts with your application.

When is the interview for entry into the Business Honors Program scheduled?

Interviews are usually scheduled to take place during the Bulls Business Community Open House.

What kind of attire is recommended for the interview?

We recommend business casual attire.

What additional documents do I need to send with my application?

Along with your application, two letters of recommendation, an academic/professional resume, and a photograph are required for submission.

Do I have to be admitted into the BBC / ZAP before I am considered for the BHP?

No. You can be considered for admission to the Business Honors Program but must subsequently apply and be accepted into the BBC / ZAP. If selected into the BHP, the student must commit to live in the BBC / ZAP for their first two years at USF.

What is the interview process like?

It is a brief interview with the director of the BHP, who wants to learn more about the applicant's academic and professional background as well as assess the student's commitment to – and likely "fit" with the program. The Business Honors Program requirements and expectations are explained in detail at the interview.

For more information, contact the program director, April Bailey at