Bachelor Programs

Undergraduate Degrees in Gerontology

The School of Aging Studies offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Aging Sciences, as well as a Minor in Gerontology. Students interested in these programs should contact the School as early as possible in their career at the University of South Florida.

Gerontology is the study of human aging in all its facets: biological, psychological, and social. The School of Aging Studies emphasizes learning that can be applied to real-world needs and situations.    

Starting in 1967, we are one of the nation’s oldest programs, with faculty experts in diverse academic and professional areas, from healthy aging to the study of dementia. Students in both undergraduate programs learn to view aging from multiple perspectives through in-person and online courses, as well as field work in the community.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration is especially appropriate for students who plan to pursue administrative careers in settings ranging from health care facilities and hospitals to continuing care communities and government/non-profit agencies, and in other care and service management fields.
The Bachelor of Science in Aging Sciences is for students who are interested in biological, psychological, and social aspects of health. This degree is helpful for students wanting to continue in graduate or medical school, or other fields such as pharmacy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.